Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outdoor Privy

Last week, I went camping in Oklahoma at a rustic campground near a beautiful river. It is definitely primitive camping - no electricity, no water, and no sewer hook-ups. The only toilet facility is this open air structure.

When the "urge" hits, you trudge up the hill, stand at the entrance and politely holler "anyone in?" If there is no reply, that means you have the room all to yourself (along with the spiders, wasps, birds, etc.) As you round the corner, you spy the toilet sitting there in all its rustic glory. A simple throne upon to sit. Below the seat, is an open pit. Usually, there is toilet paper hanging from the bar on the wall. But sometimes there isn't a scrap of paper in sight. So its always a good idea to carry a kleenex or two in your pocket.

After shooing away any resident critters, you perch your "hinney" upon the seat. A cool breeze from below greets your exposed skin. While taking care of business, you can either count spiders on the wall, look for beetles on the concrete floor, or gaze up at the sky and truly appreciate the fact that it is not raining. You also very adamantly hope there is no upward splash from below. When the duty is done, you stand, pull up the drawers, and give the loo one last glance before lowering the lid. You leave the structure feeling like you have missed something. But what? Yeah - that's it, the sound of a flush!

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  1. a child whose family camped extensively, I dreaded these things! Still gives me the willies just looking at it.


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