Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dumb Dog and Cow patties

We have a dog. I wish I could say it is an intelligent dog but that is simply not the case. This has to be the "dumbest" dog on the face of the earth! The dog belongs to daughter (her highness) - she bought the dog with her own money. So of course, she thinks she knows best how to "train" the dog. Needless to say, a 12 year-old is not the most knowledgeable in the avenue of dog training. But then, maybe there just wasn't much to work with in the first place!

We live just outside of the city limits - still a rural area. Most people in our neighborhood continue to let their dogs run loose (even though the county does have a lease law). It's just a country thang. We try to be more lawabiding - the husband build a nice pen for the dog. It's long and has lots of running room. We can play fetch in that pen. Most of the time, dumb dog stays in the pen without any problems. But sometimes, she makes a break for it (usually when you are opening the gate with your hands full). Such is the case today. The dog is on the lam. And when she takes off - she takes off. Bullets don't fly as fast as that dog does as she zooms around the corner of the house. I just caught a glimpse of her - running at full speed - and she is definitely not the same color as she was last night. That white dog is now brown. Mud? Pond water? No, couldn't be that simple. The dog is covered in cow manure. Yes, she has been rolling in cow patties. All I can say is thank goodness it's an outside dog.

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