Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coughing and Sputtering

Great - just great! I thought I had been lucky this cold/flu season. Everyone else has come down with the crud but I had avoided it. But now its my turn. Coughing, drainage down the back of the throat, raspy voice - getting sick is such fun! So here I sit, racking my brain for a glimpse of something positive to be made from this predicament.

Good Things to Come from having a Cold
1. No one will bother your drinks.
2. You can lie on the couch and not do anything (without feeling any remorse or guilt).
3. You finally have a "sexy" voice - just ignore the squeaks and gasps for air.
4. You have permission to growl at others.
5. Bad hair day ----- who cares?
6. Taking a sick day from work (and having the whole house and the TV remote all to yourself!!!!!)

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