Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daisy's New Adventure

Well here it goes! My first baby steps in the world of on-line communication. Anonymously too!!! That has to be the best part! What freedom - to say just whatever crosses my mind - be it deep thoughts, shallow thoughts, silly thoughts, or just dumb thoughts. Whatever the thoughts - they are mine, all mine! (just as long as they remain anonymous so I can keep my day job!)

So here's my first thought - Why, oh why, is it that when you reach your 40's your boobs start to sag? Everything was just fine before the kid was born. They were nice and perky back then. Clothes fit right and bras were optional. But now - oh, what a sad state of affairs. I look in the mirror and gaspingly realize I now resemble those native women from the National Geographic Magazine articles (minus the nose ring and the naked child on the hip). The thought of being seen in public without the support of a good bra is just horrifying! With them hanging down so low, I just know people's eyes would wander down and they would think "what in the world happened to her waist?"

So in attempt to gain understanding in this female transformation, I'm compiling a list of reasons for saggy boobs. Please feel free to add your own.

Reasons for Saggy Boobs
1. You can personally do your part in supporting the employment of "sturdy bra" seamstresses.
2. Gives new meaning to the phrase "sway with the music."
3. You find yourself humming the familar child's tune "Do your ears hang low" with a few choice word changes.
4. In a police line-up, you won't be mistaken for a hooker.
5. They add an element of adventure to sex - "can he actually find them?"